Monday, May 2, 2016

Religious Exemption at Risk in New York

Dear Friends,

How important are “rights” to you? Religious rights? If they are, then read on for the 2016 New York State Legislative session is ready to take those rights away from you.

Assembly bill 08329 and Senate bill 06017 are bills to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination in New York State. These bills are in the forefront because of the 2015 “measles outbreaks” in California, and because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is pushing for it. Lawmakers usually do what the CDC recommends. Also, The March of Dimes has come out in support of this bill—not a surprise for they have supported the use of vaccines for over 75 years.* Ironically, 99% of public school students are fully immunized and 88% of private school students.**

Thus, the aim of these bills is to put ultimate control of our lives in the hands of the government and the medical profession, where virtually 100% agree that vaccinations should happen and for all age groups.

According to the Cochrane Collaboration (a global, independent network funded by the World Health Organization, Wikipedia, Wiley, Guidelines International Network and others), the MMR vaccine is associated with aseptic meningitis, but not autism. However, in their February 15, 2012 article “Using the combined vaccine for protection of children against measles, mumps and rubella,” their conclusion is that “The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre-and post marketing, are largely inadequate.”***

I would like to focus on the historical perspective by referring to the work of one who I consider the first whistleblower in regard to vaccines: In 1967 Sir Graham Wilson, MD, wrote THE HAZARDS OF IMMUNIZATION. He stated:
“...The woeful record I present of the accidents attendant on immunization...have never been reported in print, either through fear of compensation claims, or of giving a weapon to anti-vaccinationists...”, p. 4.
I am not surprised at this, nor should you be. For over 20 years, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has commented on the lack of research into the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. And, apparently, when such research is done and shows negative effects that jeopardize the pro-vaccine movement, it is suppressed. 

So, if you want to fight to protect our rights, now is the time for you to take Action.

Rita Palma of My Kids, My Choice,**** and Jim Gilmore of Autism Action Network***** have been going around NYS trying to organize people to contact their lawmakers. This needs to be done by June 1 for after that the Legislative Session goes by very fast and it is too late. It is time for good people to take a stand, otherwise, we're boiled frogs.

If anyone lives in the 48th Senate District (St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Oswego Counties) with Patty Ritchie as the representative and the 116th Assembly District (River District) with Addie Russell as the representative, contact me at

Bonnie Franz

* “Bill would eliminate religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations,” The Legislative Gazette, January 27, 2016
** “Thousands of N.Y. Children lack immunization,” Press and Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton, New York, June 15, 2015
*****  Email: