Tuesday, May 9, 2017

April 29th Lyme Disease Conference at Binghamton University

Dear Friends,

On April 29th I attended the Lyme Disease Conference at Binghamton University, sponsored by the Southern Tier Lyme Support, Inc. Check their website (see below) in June; I think they will be putting up a conference video then.

I want to give you some highlights of the talks so that you may be prepared. Why should you be prepared and knowledgeable about Lyme disease? Because companies are working on 2 vaccines for it! Some of you may remember the Lyme vaccine of 1998. It had to be taken off the market-mostly because there was little demand and, more importantly, the government could not protect doctors and drug companies because the vaccine was not mandated by State legislatures. So, the drug company got sued and took the vaccine off the market. However, because there are increasing cases of Lyme disease all over the country and because there are Lyme vaccines in research, at some future point a vaccine
will be mandated and forced upon us all.

Some things being said about Lyme disease can also be said about vaccine reactions:
There is under-reporting of Lyme disease; the CDC believes that cases are really 10 times more than those reported.
The CDC definition of an epidemic was quoted as now being 25 cases per 100,000, whereas, in years past, with even 3 cases of say, measles, public health officials would say there was an epidemic.

Dr. Kenneth Bock from Red Hook, NY spoke on "Brain Inflammation: The Role of Dysregulated Immune System in PANS/PANDAS, Lyme Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder." He spoke on the gut-brain axis. (Dr. Andrew Wakefield was 17 years too early in his observations, and I think this vindicates him.) Dr. Bock said that with Autism Spectrum Disorder there is inflammation in the brain. He also said that part of the problem is that autism is defined as a behavioral, not a biological, disorder, which it should be.

He also said that veterinarians can diagnose Lyme disease in animals better and faster than M.D.s for they have better testing!

Dr. Richard Horowitz from Hyde Park, NY spoke on
 "How Can I Get Better? An Action Plan for Treating Resistant Lyme and Chronic Disease." Dr. Horowitz said there could be a need for longer treatment of Lyme when there is persistent/chronic infection. Sometimes 3-4 drugs are needed to get rid of the disease in worst cases, and a rotating protocol is used. He also talked about the testing for Lyme and mentioned some tests because the usual ones are not accurate. He and Dr. Bock also talked about biofilms.

Apparently, a big problem is that insurance companies won't pay for Lyme because there is no Code for Lyme disease-also there is a large group of doctors who deny Lyme. Lyme disease also has co-infections and causes problems all over the body-in the gut, the heart, the brain, etc. He talked about different treatments-homeopathic, nutritional, probiotic, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, stevia, melatonin, meditation, saunas, hydration and of course, drugs.

It was a wonderful conference and I urge you to consider attending it next year, if you are so inclined, for there is an overlapping with vaccines.

Bonnie P. Franz

Southern Tier Lyme Support, Inc. conference details

https://www.facebook.com/events/1183417978372282/?active_tab=discussion offers a discussion of the conference and it is stated that the conference was recorded and will be posted at a later date.

Biofilms https://www.google.com/search?q=biofilms